Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I couldn't help it.

I stayed up all night, which does wonders for my sanity, but it was well worth it. I just finished drawing her and I love her. She's the first drawing I finished on a long time, actually like, and is an original work. I'm quite proud of myself and now I remember just how addictive drawing can be. Well, I have another idea to try out and other drawings to finish.


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  1. Thank you, Laughing Boy! I'll have more Goonie locations soon . . . well, kinda soon anyway. Maybe I'll even have to watch the movie :) There were a number of movies made here, and I found out they have a location list somewhere like maybe the Chamber of Commerce, so I should get that. The beach with the incredible rocks is about half an hour from here, although it only took them a very short time to get there in the movie. I'll show that one of these days. Have a great trip to Mexico!