Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Again

Hello hello,

Once again, I find myself in the internet cafe across the street from my gandmas house with a bit of spare time. The days have gotten short and filled themselves somehow more and more. As the time to leave draws near, it seems to be speeding away as fast as it can. Its a big difference considering the first week felt like an eternity of boredom.

Sometimes, I mavel at the brat I am despite being practically an adult. I should have been appreciative when I arrived that I was even able to come, but of course I give in to my homesickness instead and bitch about how bored I am while counting the days. And now that I can count the days on my fingers I cant believe its time to go and Im mad at myself for not having taken advantage of my good fortune sooner.

On the bright side, Ill have many good stories to take back and tell my sister now. I was able to go out with my cousin this past weekend and hear some amusing tales of drunkness and meet another cousin I didnt even know existed. I was also able to buy somethings I had promised people I would get for them as well as finding somethings for myself.

I was also invited to dinner with more distant relatives from my Grandpas side of the family. A night that turned out to be interesting and a pain in the ass. These are the snootier, more social climbing type of people, while my Grandmas side is down to earth, chill with everybody type of people. Basically, they would look down their nose at me if I didnt have the artificially altered social status of being from the US. It was fun though, I must admit. THe beer flows freely and they can talk about pretty much anything with ease, which makes it pretty damn easy to get comfortable. They do have social graces after all.

The negative was being forced to sleep over at my aunt and uncles house which I would have given anything not to do, because their daughter personifies the term banshee. She is absolutely horrible and thinks she has the right to treat just about anybody like shit. Even her mother said shes bitter, I mean, she was talking about her aversion to music, but what kind of person doesnt like some kind of music? An evil souless demon, thats who. So staying at their how was nt too bad until the next day, when I was forced to be around her. She of course took every opportunity to check me from head to toe, passing her silent judgement, while attempting to make me look stupid. For some reason I cant explain, I think its my absolute dislike, everytime Im around her, my tongue gets all twisted up. I know exactly what I want to say but I trip over myself, and she must know this because she tries to fuck me up whenever possible. Basically, her only joy comes from the suffering of others. And her poor daughter didnt want me to leave when I was so desperately tring to pry my way out of that house. Shes only three years old and doesnt even like her own mother, but of course shes the exact same brat from whence she was born. God help her tiny little soul.

Anyway, it was a partcularly trying weekend. On the up side, I realized that when I get back home, I have exactly one month to plan something for my 21st birthday. What I will do, I have no freaking clue, but hopefully Ill be nice and drunk. Thats the point of turning 21 right? Yup, thats what I thought.

Well, I send you love and sun and beautiful shit!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deliciously Dull

Yes, yes...the idea to keep a blog while I traveled to Mexico was absolutely a bad one. My charges for using my cell phone are so ridiculous, that I couldnt keep updating without sacrificing some appendage. So, I officially apologize. Another sad thing to note is that even sending photos to myself is an extra exprense so I cant show you any of my awesome pictures until I return.

I can tell you stories. They may be sad and almost unbelieveable, but they are quite tragically true. My family over here you see is a bit of a mess. Everywhere you look, someone is suffering. Whether it be the three recent deaths or the impending doom of old age which seems to be coming ever near.

It all started in March when one of my favorite aunts, Lola, died. She fainted and hit her head. Luckily she regained conciousness long enough to see her family once again and say goodbye, but she was bleeding in her skull and there is no coming back from that when youre 84. Not two weeks later, a nephew of hers was found unconcious, but to be quite honest Im not quite sure exactly what Martin, my uncle, died of because with all the talk of death, I dont always hear choice.
And as soon as the novens for him was over, my aunt Lolas son Edilberto died too. He was so close to her, that he just had to follow her, they lived together so the house they shared went to his wife.

It turns out shes an awful banshee sent from the Netherworld to cause suffering and distress where so much already exists. She wouldnt let any of my family members take things from the house that belonged to my aunt, but weas okay declaring everything trash and putting it out on the street to be picked up. Mind you everything was in working order, but it all reached the sidewalk in such disrepair that it was of no use to my aunts children to attempted to seach for things in the rubble. It pisses me off just thinking about it.

But, there are good things. Always good things to look to in these times. There are a crapload of kids that I have been able to meet. All the younger cousins I knew about, but never met, are finally skin and bone reality. Its awesome reacquainting myself with all of my relatives, many of whom remember me as a little girl and who I cant quite remember. Not to mention, my other favorite aunt, Juana, loves to give me beer. Fucking loves it. And if she catches me with an empty glass/bottle shes the first to refill it. Shes also the funniest person Ive ever met.

Then, theres my Aunt Luisas handmade gordas. A circular mass of masa de harina packed and made as greasy as possible and served with refried beans. Its so good I went back for fourths and my stomach threatened to explode...with happiness. She even makes handmade tortillas, which if you have never experienced, you have to freaking find some. Theyre amazing and fluffy and so delicious. Shes the reason I may come back fat, it just depends on how often we get to visit. Its a 30 min drive out to the boonies called, La Quesera, to go see her, but its so damn worth it.

Then, there was the Vaca BaƱada. My uncles ranch outside of town where he still grows beans and I believe corn. Its called the Washed Cow in Engilsh, and I have yet to figure out why, except that it may have to do with the fact that theres a swimming pool there. Who knows? But the land is beautiful and meadow like around there and there are young Mesquite trees that grow close and create arches that look like a maze you would love to get lost in. Except, you shouldnt because of the snakes. Damn snakes.

Ok well, Im running out of time here at the internet cafe and Ive been typing like a mad woman trying not to waste my hour here. So, goodbye for now.

I send you lots of love and peace from Mexico!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It happened, I'm finally here. It's so weird.

Despite being the grown up I am *cough*, I feel like the dumb little kid that spoke English out of embarassment instead of using my wonderful Spanish abilities. Well, now I at least speak Spanish...even if I get stuck on words sometimes. It gets easier and easier though. I'm just not sure what to do with myself. I finished that picture of Ariel in about four hours and I expected it to take all day. I was done, thinking, "What the fuck do I do now?" Even the kids who are here are well-behaved and quiet, so they don't need me. I have a feeling I'm going to finish my book really fast too.

The crappy part is all my cousins live 3 hours away, so I'm on my own as far as entertainment goes...even the movie theater is 3 hours away. Hopefully someone will take pity and take me out :)

Well, there isn't much to say since I just got here yesterday, but if you're ever in Vista Hermosa there is an amazing seafood place you have to check out. I'll have to find out what the name was though. Talk to you later love.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

La vie en rose

The roses are blooming in our yard and they're looking lovely. It's getting to point where summer just needs to get here already, but by the time summer blooms I'll be far away. Speaking of, the weather in Guadalajara is already staying in the mid to high 80s. I'm going to be sweating my buns off when I get there coming from low 70s and chilly breezes. It's really difficult writing this since I'm watching Signs and it's getting toward the end. I forgot how much I love this damn movie, it's so good. I must go make a foil hat, the aliens are reading my thoughts. <3 Laughing Boy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I couldn't help it.

I stayed up all night, which does wonders for my sanity, but it was well worth it. I just finished drawing her and I love her. She's the first drawing I finished on a long time, actually like, and is an original work. I'm quite proud of myself and now I remember just how addictive drawing can be. Well, I have another idea to try out and other drawings to finish.


The wizard

He's my favorite :{

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm going to be heading to Mexico in 3 weeks and be spending a whole month there. So, I'm setting up this secondary blog to keep track of my time there since I'll be without a computer, relying solely on my lovely cellular. Hopefully, this will work out. There'll be plenty of random posts once I figure out how to get pictures on here. Ok, see ya later love :]


Laughing Boy