Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Again

Hello hello,

Once again, I find myself in the internet cafe across the street from my gandmas house with a bit of spare time. The days have gotten short and filled themselves somehow more and more. As the time to leave draws near, it seems to be speeding away as fast as it can. Its a big difference considering the first week felt like an eternity of boredom.

Sometimes, I mavel at the brat I am despite being practically an adult. I should have been appreciative when I arrived that I was even able to come, but of course I give in to my homesickness instead and bitch about how bored I am while counting the days. And now that I can count the days on my fingers I cant believe its time to go and Im mad at myself for not having taken advantage of my good fortune sooner.

On the bright side, Ill have many good stories to take back and tell my sister now. I was able to go out with my cousin this past weekend and hear some amusing tales of drunkness and meet another cousin I didnt even know existed. I was also able to buy somethings I had promised people I would get for them as well as finding somethings for myself.

I was also invited to dinner with more distant relatives from my Grandpas side of the family. A night that turned out to be interesting and a pain in the ass. These are the snootier, more social climbing type of people, while my Grandmas side is down to earth, chill with everybody type of people. Basically, they would look down their nose at me if I didnt have the artificially altered social status of being from the US. It was fun though, I must admit. THe beer flows freely and they can talk about pretty much anything with ease, which makes it pretty damn easy to get comfortable. They do have social graces after all.

The negative was being forced to sleep over at my aunt and uncles house which I would have given anything not to do, because their daughter personifies the term banshee. She is absolutely horrible and thinks she has the right to treat just about anybody like shit. Even her mother said shes bitter, I mean, she was talking about her aversion to music, but what kind of person doesnt like some kind of music? An evil souless demon, thats who. So staying at their how was nt too bad until the next day, when I was forced to be around her. She of course took every opportunity to check me from head to toe, passing her silent judgement, while attempting to make me look stupid. For some reason I cant explain, I think its my absolute dislike, everytime Im around her, my tongue gets all twisted up. I know exactly what I want to say but I trip over myself, and she must know this because she tries to fuck me up whenever possible. Basically, her only joy comes from the suffering of others. And her poor daughter didnt want me to leave when I was so desperately tring to pry my way out of that house. Shes only three years old and doesnt even like her own mother, but of course shes the exact same brat from whence she was born. God help her tiny little soul.

Anyway, it was a partcularly trying weekend. On the up side, I realized that when I get back home, I have exactly one month to plan something for my 21st birthday. What I will do, I have no freaking clue, but hopefully Ill be nice and drunk. Thats the point of turning 21 right? Yup, thats what I thought.

Well, I send you love and sun and beautiful shit!

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