Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deliciously Dull

Yes, yes...the idea to keep a blog while I traveled to Mexico was absolutely a bad one. My charges for using my cell phone are so ridiculous, that I couldnt keep updating without sacrificing some appendage. So, I officially apologize. Another sad thing to note is that even sending photos to myself is an extra exprense so I cant show you any of my awesome pictures until I return.

I can tell you stories. They may be sad and almost unbelieveable, but they are quite tragically true. My family over here you see is a bit of a mess. Everywhere you look, someone is suffering. Whether it be the three recent deaths or the impending doom of old age which seems to be coming ever near.

It all started in March when one of my favorite aunts, Lola, died. She fainted and hit her head. Luckily she regained conciousness long enough to see her family once again and say goodbye, but she was bleeding in her skull and there is no coming back from that when youre 84. Not two weeks later, a nephew of hers was found unconcious, but to be quite honest Im not quite sure exactly what Martin, my uncle, died of because with all the talk of death, I dont always hear choice.
And as soon as the novens for him was over, my aunt Lolas son Edilberto died too. He was so close to her, that he just had to follow her, they lived together so the house they shared went to his wife.

It turns out shes an awful banshee sent from the Netherworld to cause suffering and distress where so much already exists. She wouldnt let any of my family members take things from the house that belonged to my aunt, but weas okay declaring everything trash and putting it out on the street to be picked up. Mind you everything was in working order, but it all reached the sidewalk in such disrepair that it was of no use to my aunts children to attempted to seach for things in the rubble. It pisses me off just thinking about it.

But, there are good things. Always good things to look to in these times. There are a crapload of kids that I have been able to meet. All the younger cousins I knew about, but never met, are finally skin and bone reality. Its awesome reacquainting myself with all of my relatives, many of whom remember me as a little girl and who I cant quite remember. Not to mention, my other favorite aunt, Juana, loves to give me beer. Fucking loves it. And if she catches me with an empty glass/bottle shes the first to refill it. Shes also the funniest person Ive ever met.

Then, theres my Aunt Luisas handmade gordas. A circular mass of masa de harina packed and made as greasy as possible and served with refried beans. Its so good I went back for fourths and my stomach threatened to explode...with happiness. She even makes handmade tortillas, which if you have never experienced, you have to freaking find some. Theyre amazing and fluffy and so delicious. Shes the reason I may come back fat, it just depends on how often we get to visit. Its a 30 min drive out to the boonies called, La Quesera, to go see her, but its so damn worth it.

Then, there was the Vaca BaƱada. My uncles ranch outside of town where he still grows beans and I believe corn. Its called the Washed Cow in Engilsh, and I have yet to figure out why, except that it may have to do with the fact that theres a swimming pool there. Who knows? But the land is beautiful and meadow like around there and there are young Mesquite trees that grow close and create arches that look like a maze you would love to get lost in. Except, you shouldnt because of the snakes. Damn snakes.

Ok well, Im running out of time here at the internet cafe and Ive been typing like a mad woman trying not to waste my hour here. So, goodbye for now.

I send you lots of love and peace from Mexico!

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